Grounding Tools For Empaths

Grounding Tools For Empaths, Highly Sensitive Person, Coaches, Healers, Therapists. Access 5 powerful grounding techniques + more

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Grounding Toolkit For Empaths

Grounding Tools And Techniques For Empaths And HSP's

The grounding toolkit for empaths is designed to 

help the highly sensitive person and empath feel more earthed, grounded, more in your body

Experience more calm, less anxiety and stress
Experience more balance, less overwhelm and stimulation
Experience more energised, less exhausted

Learn 5 powerful grounding tools for empaths and highly sensitive people
Learn what crystals can support grounding
Learn what essential oils can support grounding

Investment £44

Intended Audience: sensitives, empaths, healers, therapists, coaches, hsp

Course Curriculum

Welcome - Grounding Tools for Empaths & Sensitives
Grounding Tools Video
Daily Grounding Technique
Zhan Zhaung- Standing Meditation MP3
The Magical Garden - Guided Meditation
Traditional Breath Meditation

Eileen Burns


Eileen Burns, owner of Stress Coach Training and Sensitive Souls Coach is a stress expert, coach, healer and therapist.

Who has been studying holistic wellbeing for over 25 years