Relaxation Therapy - Module 2

Relaxation techniques for individuals, coaches, healers, therapists

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 Relaxation Therapy Techniques 

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This training course is provided by Stress Coach Training School established by Stress Expert, Meditation Teacher and Relaxation Therapist; Eileen Burns. About Eileen

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“As a personal trainer and remedial & sports massage therapist with a professional client base I was aware that many of my clients were extremely stressed from their high pressurised jobs and busy lifestyles and wanted to find a way to add value to my services and help my clients relax more.
Having done some research I decided I wanted to learn some relaxation techniques to help my clients and was pleasantly surprised to find that Eileen only lived a short distance from me, which made a change having travelled to England for most of my previous courses.
Eileen is a highly qualified professional in her chosen field, but more importantly she is a very caring person who puts everyone at ease when they first meet her. I found the relaxation therapy courses I attended very informative and benefited from the small group setting which allowed Eileen to spend more time with each student. I learned a number of relaxation techniques which I now put into practice when working with my clients.
I would highly recommend Eileen’s Training Courses to any fitness, health or wellness professional who wants to enhance their skills and personal development.”
Brian Carr Personal Training Services

“I have really enjoyed the stress coach training and have learnt a huge amount from it. The course has introduced me to all sorts of relaxation methods that I can now offer to my clients. It has really helped me think about how I can support them in making simple but effective changes to help them manage some of the everyday challenges that cause them stress. I would recommend the course to any therapist who works with stressed out clients as it shows us there are loads of ways they (and we!) can build in quick but effective relaxation
techniques into normal daily routines.” Anna Stone, Calme Therapies

“As a healer I have learned a wide range of invaluable meditation and relaxation techniques through the Relaxation Therapist Training, I now feel confident that I can teach clients self help techniques that will help them reduce and eliminate their stress, instead of merely treating their symptoms .”

"This course has been a revelation! Eileen, a talented teacher and consummate professional, relays information in such a way that we were carried along on the wave of her enthusiasm for the subject. Always ready to help with any questions re the course work, she made the experience totally rounded and enjoyable. Imparting knowledge is an art and Eileen is a true artist, sympathetic to the unique styles that her students bring to the table she provides common ground where all modalities of healing find commonality. Total accessibility through internet platforms and one to one sessions Eileen goes the extra mile and her students are the better for it, I know I am.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is a therapist or aspires to be a therapist. It just makes sense to not just be aware of these techniques but to know how they work on a personal level. That is how in-depth this course is. In the world of Stress / relaxation therapy if you cannot do it how can you ask your clients to trust you? This is an holistic approach in the true sense of the word, and it is an approach that opens up new avenues for not just finding new clients but for giving existing clients something new to add to their experience. " Leslie Marsh, Spiral Heart Healing, Glasgow

 Live Training

“As a young carer who deals with long term anxiety and panic attacks I have found that relaxation therapy has helped me a great deal. Eileen Burns taught me how to do a five minute meditation which I can fit into my daily schedule as a young carer and she also taught me how to do progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) which I can fit into my busy schedule between juggling school and being a carer for my dad. I have found that relaxation therapy has helped my anxiety and panic attacks a lot for it has helped me learn how to relax a lot more and since starting the relaxtion therapy. I have been switching my electronics off a lot earlier than I used to and on a sunday I have no electronics day. Eileen has a very good manner of teaching as I was the only teenager in the class and she never made me feel left out and she always made me feel very comfortable and included in the class.” M Swanson

Intended Audience: therapists, healers, counsellors, yoga teachers, students, professionals

Course Curriculum

New Intro To Relaxation Therapy
Introduction To Relaxation Therapy Audiotrack
The Use Of Relaxation Therapy In Your Practice
Pre-Assessment- Stress Assessment
2.1 - The Relaxation Response
What Is Relaxation?
2.1 - What Is Relaxation Therapy?
2.2. What Is A Relaxation Therapist?
3.1 - Basic Relaxation Technique1.mp3
3.2 - Activity 1 PMR
3.3.- Autogenic Training
3.4 - Autogenic Training - Activity 2
4.1 Body Scan MP3
4.2. Are You Listening To Your Body?
5.1 The Soul of The Forest MP3
5. 2 The Golden Sand MP3
6.1 - Abdominal and Diaphragmatic Breathing Techniques:
6.2 - Breathing Techniques - Activity 3
6.3 - Breathing Techniques - Worksheet 3
6.4 - Breathing Techniques - Activity 4
6.5 7-11 Breathing Techniques
7.1 - Relaxation Diary
Neuro Linguic Programming For Relaxation
Relaxation Response Using NLP
Health & Safety Guidelines
Professional Codes Of Conduct

Eileen Burns


Eileen Burns, owner of Stress Coach Training and Sensitive Souls Coach is a stress expert, coach, healer and therapist.

Who has been studying holistic wellbeing for over 25 years