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Soul Empowerment & Self Care Program For Empaths, Highly Sensitive People- Become Calm, Confident And Strong Living Your Purpose

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Soul Care For Sensitives Monthly Program

by Eileen Burns, Sensitive Souls Coach

A self-healing and self-care program for empaths and the highly sensitive person

All you need to know to heal and harness your empathic and sensitive gifts
Heal And Nurture The Empathic And Sensitive Child
Let Go Of Chronic Anxiety And Stress

with Stress Expert and Sensitives Coach - Eileen Burns

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£44 a month 
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Latest Testimonials

A well thought out course in monthly modules, which includes guided meditations which are extremely powerful and effective. 
It's laid out in an easy to follow way with a section for any questions you may have or support you require.
A good idea is to use a journal while working through this. I had a lot of challenges before starting this, felt stuck and needed to move forward.
Now I am starting to feel stronger, addressing things and making good progress. Highly recommended.
F O'Connor

For years I suffered from anxiety, depression and absolutely hated myself...
I came across Eileen a couple of months ago and decided to try the Monday meditations which were a big help. Then I decided to try other things with Eileen and joined the Self Care for Sensitives membership group. I'm so glad I invested in myself. I feel my life is changing even more now for the better and every day I am learning new things.....
I am also learning to love myself. Eileen has taught me that I have a gift which I never realised before as I always thought I was just this weak person who couldn't handle life. Eileen has a way of making you see and learn things that I have never come across with anybody else. It's very obvious from the start that she is not just in this for the money, she actually cares and wants to help you empower and embrace yourself and your gifts, she is like a mentor and a friend and I am so grateful to have found Eileen.
I have also learned that who better to invest in than yourself, when you can embrace your gifts and heal then you can give so much back to the world.

Lorraine xxx

more coming soon

Intended Audience: sensitives, empaths, healers, therapists, coaches, hsp

Course Curriculum

Introduction To Self Care Program
Workbook 1- Grounding
Introduction To Grounding Video
Zhan Zhaung- Standing Meditation MP3
Traditional Breath Meditation
Welcome to the Safe Care Garden
The Magical Garden - Guided Meditation
Are You Listening To Your Body
Qi gong For Grounding And Calming
Why Children Need To Be More Grounded And Boundaried
Listen And Nurture Your Body
2.0 Nurture Your Inner Child Workbook
2.1 Introduction To Nurture Your Inner Child
2.4 Self Care Garden - Months
2.2 Nurturing Your Inner Child Video
2.3 Self Care Garden - Meeting Your Inner Child
Healing Your Inner Child Voice mp3
2.4 Self Care Garden -Healing Your Inner Child
Letting Go And Let In God
Letting Go Workbook
The Voice Of Your Inner Child - Workbook
The Voice Of Your Inner Child
The Voice Of Your Inner Child mp3
100+ Positive Affirmations
5.1 Healthier Beliefs And Thought Patterns Video
Challenge Your Thinking And Beliefs
Untitled Lesson
6.1 Rebirth- Your Souls Essence Video
6.2 Rebirth -Sacred Crystal Code Activation Video
The Empathic Child
Empathic Child mp3
8.0 The Sensitive Child
Sensitive Child mp3
The Creative Child
Creative Child Part 1- Clay & Art Therapy
The Maturing Child mp4

Eileen Burns


Eileen Burns, owner of Stress Coach Training and Sensitive Souls Coach is a stress expert, coach, healer and therapist.

Who has been studying holistic wellbeing for over 25 years



Lorraine O'Hare , 1 year ago

I love love this, has completely helped me to show more care to myself. The meditations make me feel relaxed and calm. Thank you so much Eileen

Self Care for Sensitives

Frances , 1 year ago

Absolutely fantastic course. Interesting and informative, The listen and nurture your body mp3 has left me feeling totally relaxed and light like a burden has lifted. Thank you Eileen Burns